Working all day, then packing for TIHC. But before I can even start packing I need to do laundry and buy a new pair of shorts, which I can’t find a good pair anywhere. And tomorrow I will be driving 5+hours with no A/C cause I don’t have time to replace the part…..And the hotel I booked in Philly messed up and now they’re fully booked so we had to settle for a hotel just outside of Philly in Bellmawr, NJ, which I’m bummed about

WW4 demo #2 is such a banger

Scored a super-rare pressing of The Animals “Animalism” on orange vinyl for $19 lol. There is no record of this specific pressing on the internet until now. Theres only one other pressing similar to it but it’s a different record company, that one is on discogs for $689.83…..I’ve legit been killing the vinyl game lately haha