Legit contemplating what I should do cause there’s no way I can drive 6hrs straight right now without falling asleep at the wheel and I only have enough for gas in my account at this point so I can’t stay anywhere. And I can’t go to a rest stop because I won’t be able fucking breath in my car with the windows up from this insane rain… lol

I really don’t want to drive 6hrs home right now, alone. Wish everybody i was with was staying until tomorrow. Plus it’s raining heavy/lightning right now

As soon as I saw someone running at people with a metal frame with barbed wire……🏃🏃🏃🏃 #imout haha

Cold World’s set definitely topped last year’s set, it was a little short tho and almost got my front teeth knocked out

Just waiting patiently to see Bold tomorrow 😬….come say what’s up

The people I was going to stay with at a hotel for TIHC just text me saying they won’t be able to have me stay with them now. ….this is just great

Working all day, then packing for TIHC. But before I can even start packing I need to do laundry and buy a new pair of shorts, which I can’t find a good pair anywhere. And tomorrow I will be driving 5+hours with no A/C cause I don’t have time to replace the part…..And the hotel I booked in Philly messed up and now they’re fully booked so we had to settle for a hotel just outside of Philly in Bellmawr, NJ, which I’m bummed about