Where I live we take our floor hockey serious.

Before I go on a rant 😂….The Boys & Girls Club where I live has had a floor hockey league since the 50’s/60’s. It’s something we take serious and everyone grows up playing it. We do things different from your average floor hockey league. Pretty sure I’ve never seen a floor hockey league like ours. Theres 5 age groups/leagues with multiple teams. There’s drafts, championship cups with names on them, and everything.

After not playing for the past 2 seasons….got a 10-5 win tonight with 3 assists and another Floor Hockey Championship under my belt, this time in the Adult League. We had control of the game from the start. Few little brawls kept it interesting but the apposing goalie got carried away on a stretcher in the 3rd period from getting run into.

- 14 seasons (4 age groups/leagues)
- 4 Championships (1 in each league)
- Only player to win separate Championships as a forward, goalie, & defenseman.
- 2-time All-Star (for the 2yrs they had it)
- 6 or 7-time League Leader in Points
- I’ve never been on a #1 ranked team

Hall of Fame status. But none of you care at all or know what im taking about hahaha